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The Squat Academy™ is a specialized group fitness class for women, which is focused on building a strong, firm and shapely butt, legs, upper body and core. Our classes improves these specific muscle groups while burning fat and toning the entire body.

Each class is fun and lively, and our trainers keep the class moving with music and constant variation.  Classes include a warm up, some mobility and stretching techniques, instruction on proper form of movements, a strength building workout and conclude with a fun and fast paced fat burning workout.

We are a program like no other. All of our trainers are put through an intense intern program to teach proper technique, scaling methods specific to injuries and physical abilities, as well as teaching them to be motivating, fun, entertaining and are taught our award winning nutrition program.

We are not just a “gym.” At a typical gym you pay to rent equipment and receive no further guidance. That is why so many fail and become disillusioned. Instead, we are specialists in human movement and in scientifically sound, proven, and sustainable nutrition strategies. And, most importantly, our coaches are here to support you every step of the way! Our fun and high intensity workouts and nutrition program has helped countless individuals reduce body fat and achieve their goals, while having fun and making new friends.


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1. Most Classes Include the FBOD (Fat Burner of the Day) & Our Amazing Strength and Toning Program.

Members can book online from their computer or smartphone on the The Squat Academy APP to enroll in a class.

  •  Each day’s workout is unique!

  •  Classes are capped to small groups to allow for personalized attention.

  • Class length is one hour.

2. Every Workout is Led by a Dedicated Coach/Trainer.

  • The coach leads the class and makes sure you are always moving correctly and using the most correct form possible.

  • All movements are scaled to the members physical ability and injuries.

  • Our coaches are experienced, passionate,fun, motivating and approachable.

  • No one is here to judge, we’re all here to help.

3. Every Class is Structured in the Following Manner:

  1. The warm-up - Get the blood flowing

  2. Mobility/Stretching pre-workout

  3. Technique - Instructions on key movements

  4. Toning & Sculpting

  5. The workout of the day

  6. Cool Down/More Stretching




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The Following Are REAL Squat Academy Members & REAL Transformations

Please Note: These transformations were not overnight and not easy. These members transformed with hard work, dedication and will-power. They all set goals, stuck to their goals and their lives have changed for the better. These results are not typical but possible if you want them bad enough!  

Andrea G.


Andrea is a true “OG,” having been one of our first 12 members in our original location. She came to us on a mission to become the best version of herself possible, and she crushed it and continues to. Andrea is now a lean machine, and is an excellent role model to her 6-year old son.


Amy S.


Amy is a wonderful success story. In a little more than a year she quickly established herself as one of the gym’s hardest workers. She has been so successful because she always listens and follows through on what her coaches recommend. She also always asks the right questions, and sends weekly progress pictures. She is truly an inspiration to all who have witnessed her transformation.


Natalie A.


Although Natalie was only with us for a short time before moving to San Diego, she is one of our greatest success stories. She was already in pretty good shape, but she wanted more. We put her on a specific nutrition and workout program to help her crush her goals. After moving to San Diego we stayed in touch and we provide advice on how she could effectively and safely cut weight for a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu tournament, which she ended up winning!


Jaclyn R.


Jaclyn is also one of our first members, another “OG.” Initially, her progress was slow, but she persisted and followed the program. She then was accepted into the NYPD, and we worked with her to pass the difficult physical exam as part of Police Academy. She passed with flying colors!


Giuliana G.


When she first joined, Giuliana was skeptical. After speaking with us personally, she decided to give us a shot. Being the owner of one of the area's top bakeries, it was tougher for her to have discipline than others. Being around cannolis all day can be difficult! We were there for support throughout the entire process, and she made significant changes to her life. She became such a believer that she became a referral machine, including referring her husband who we worked with personally so he could make his own major transformation.


Liza V.


Long a mainstay of the early morning class, through hot weather and cold weather, Liza never missed a workout. Working for the United States Postal Service can be difficult, particularly during the busy holiday season when they often work seven days a week, but Liza always remained positive and saw her daily workouts as an essential part of her days. This perseverance has certainly paid off, and shows the importance of consistency and hard work.


Arlene G.


Arlene started with us on a 6-week challenge and crushed it. During those six weeks she followed our nutrition recommendations to a T and showed up to every class. The changes she made in a short time were amazing. Unfortunately, she had to leave shortly after due to taking a job in Manhattan that required long hours. As soon as she was able to, she returned and picked up right where she left off. She understands a healthy lifestyle is truly a journey, and that temporary setbacks don’t destroy all our progress.


Stef G.


Stef came to us at the recommendation of her husband, who was a TSA Membership Consultant. He had amazing results working with us, and she wanted the same. The photo below is 12 short weeks apart, and she continues to get better and better each day.


Christna F.


Christina also did a 6-week program with us. Pictured below is her The progress during those 6 weeks. She lost an astonishing 7% body fat, and continued to drop body fat as a member.


Alexis P.


Alexis is truly an amazing success story. She started her weight loss journey before joining the gym, but she recognized she needed to take it to the next level after hitting a wall. We helped her knock down that wall, and get her back into a dress that fit her in High School!


Erin L.


We're not going to lie, when we first met Erin we figured she would be with us for a month and then leave. She was a bartender and worked some tough hours. To our surprise, Erin wound up becoming one of our top members, consistently showing up to class more than anyone else in the gym and the results of that show big time!


Allie C.


Allie came to us on a mission. She started a YouTube blog about her journey with us from Day 1. It's amazing going back and watching the videos to see her progress and how hard she worked to get from point A to Point B. Allie loved us so much that she started working for us!


Adriana Z.


Adriana, a mother of two, is an original Squat Academy – Manalapan member. During our time with us she has crushed it. Always positive, always encouraging, and always hard-working, Adriana is an inspiration to her coaches and her fellow members. It is hard to believe, but prior to joining us she had only trained at home and had never trained in a fitness facility. In a short time she has crushed many of her goals. Simply put, she’s a rock star!



This is the greatest single thing you can do for yourself!!! They are so helpful and nice. Always supportive and patient to answer any question you have. They go beyond what a gym would do for you. They treat you like family.
— Suzanne D.
Great atmosphere, clean, Amazeball coaches! Teamwork makes the dream work!
— Felicia C.
Trainers are the only reason I joined. Gil is amazing. Matt is ridiculously awesome, as well as Cid, Chris, Cristina and Sal too!!!! I have a feeling I’m going to become a ninja, or at the least in better shape where if I was hanging from a bridge, I’d be able to pull myself up! Workouts are tough so be prepared to be challenged, but it’s all scalable to your ability and before you know it - poof ninja! Do it
— Floriana R.
I’ve tried many gyms and this is hands down my favorite. The trainers are so knowledgeable and make every workout challenging
— Stephanie D.
Great workouts. Friendly and knowledgeable staff. After many years of laying off, never thought I would look forward to working out. But these guys make you like sweating!
— JoAnn T.
Best workout I’ve ever had. I look forward to going to each class, each workout is different and you feel great when you are done. The coaches are super encouraging and supportive, the other ladies are also great motivation to work harder and not give up when you feel like you can’t keep going. It’s a judge free environment where you are your only competition.
— Jamie C.
Best gym ever! I absolutely love it! Instructors are attentive and really care about your progress. The members and instructors are both supportive and promote a friendly, comfortable environment. Would recommend to everyone no matter their level of fitness.
— Andrea S.
The classes are great, the instructors are professional and engaging and the girls are very supportive. I can’t say enough good things about my experience, I’m recommending people to try out like I did and enjoy a different way of living.
— Zima L.
I can not say enough about this gym! I have never experienced anything like it. The staff members are hands on, they actually CARE about you and the progress you make. I could never go back to a regular gym where the workouts are the same and boring. This gym is challenging, fun, and just AWESOME!
— Dina C.
Small classes, informative trainers, and friendly members make this a great place to work out. Every class is different so you can never get bored!
— Melissa M.
Greatest workout I’ve ever experienced. Challenging - every workout is planned and different each time. I leave wanting to come back for more!!! Love!
— Dayna R.
Spacious,new facility.Professional and motivating coaches.Always a new class,nothing gets boring and always a challenge.
— Maureen T

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